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The Book, 'WONDER'

The Book, 'WONDER'

COMING JULY 16, 2024!. The book, 'WONDER: A Bear's Journey', written and illustrated by Dean Crouser.

In an era dominated by technology, WONDER reminds children of the joy found in asking questions and embracing curiosity. Through the endearing journey of an adventurous bear, young readers are encouraged to explore, question, and marvel at the extraordinary beauty surrounding them.


Crafted with tender care, WONDER is an irresistible blend of adventure and life lessons, perfectly suited for children aged 1-5. Ideal for preschoolers through grade 3, this charming story sparks imagination and fosters a lifelong love of learning.

With its timeless themes and vibrant illustrations from DEAN CROUSER, WONDER is a must have addition to any child's library. Join this lovable bear and rediscover the magic of wonder today!


Dean will also be offering never-before seen signed and numbered prints, greeting cards and more from the book "WONDER".

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